Custom Fabric Structures

Custom Fabric Structures by ATS provides old school business integrity with innovative processes to provide the highest quality of both form and function.

Fully customized structures to best fit your business needs.

Highest quality structures for all markets.

Set up does not upset business as usual.

Site to structure time faster than all competitors.

Our professional team is dedicated to excellence.

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Our Promise

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Custom Fabric Structures by ATS will provide unparalleled client satisfaction. By listening to your needs it allows CFS to deliver the highest quality product. When we shake your hand, we will deliver what we say.


We are a compilation of designers, engineers, installers, and craftsmen working together to provide the highest quality fabric structures.

Our team gained their extensive knowledge, through years of installing and maintaining every type of fabric architecture. We have developed a streamlined process of design and manufacturing allowing us to deliver high quality, made in the USA structures at a lower price than the industry standard.

As we are an employee-owned and operated operation, every project matters to us on a personal level. When you contact CFS you will be speaking directly to one of our principals. This saves our clients time, by not having to be passed back and forth between departments or wait for answers. The direct approach also allows us to get to know our clients and their needs which is invaluable throughout the process.

Custom fabric structures have countless uses throughout a huge array of industries.

  • Building entryways that provide a glow at night to welcome customers.
  • Covered parking that protects from the elements and denotes space for customer pick up.
  • Facades that can make an aging building look new again.
  • Covered “outdoor” space to increase capacity while providing the comfort of indoors.
  • An escape from sun and rain.
  • And many, many more.

We embrace new ideas and materials in order to deliver structures that are not only functional but draw people into our client’s facility.  We will work with you and your budget to deliver a structure that you will be proud of.  We offer a wide array of finishing’s to fit your desires and budget.

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Key Features of Tensile Membrane Structures

Cost-effective, due to time savings and limited site disruption
- Tensile structures offer faster installation times than conventional construction.
- Depending on the size of the structure other competitors require a 10-day cure time, whereas CFS is bringing already cured structures on site.
- Fewer foundations, typically due to the relatively lightweight fabric structures, these structures need to come to the ground less often.

Design Flexibility and Aesthetics
- Due to the inherent flexibility of fabric membranes the shape and therefore the function is more easily curtailed to fit the project goals.
- Bright and clean. The translucent properties of fabric membranes provide a soft natural light during the day while protecting from the elements. With lighting at night, the glow from the translucent membrane always catches the eye.

Excellent Durability with Minimal Maintenance
- A properly designed fabric structure is able to withstand the harshest of environments from the relentless sun of Arizona to the winters of North Dakota.
- Once properly constructed fabric structures require low maintenance for clients.

Why Choose Custom Fabric Structures by ATS for your Project?

At Custom Fabric Structures we treat every project as if it was our first project.

We approach each project with unwavering attention to detail, making certain that our client is receiving the absolute best every time. At CFS we believe in business integrity, delivering a high-quality product at a reasonable cost.

We have assembled an excellent team that is committed to delivering the absolute best to our clients.  Our process allows for substantial cost savings to our clients while still being American made, with high-quality components.  As not every client has the same goals or budget one of our principals will work with you to achieve your goals and remain on budget.

Still Not Sure? Check Out Our Testimonials!

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    100% Employee Owned

    Means we stand by the quality of every job.

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    Made in the USA

    Our structures are made in the USA with quality materials superior to the competition.

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    Enhanced Customer Experience

    From our President to our newest installer we will take great care to ensure client satisfaction.  One of our principals will be onsite for each project to ensure that you are always receiving professional and quality installation.

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    Protect Your Investment

    All CFS products come with a structure warranty 20-year warranty on membranes and 50 years on steel) with a maintenance and cleaning program based on each client’s needs.

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    Shields Your Customers from the Elements

    Whether it’s a Buffalo winter picking up groceries or melting in a line at a Florida amusement park CFS structures can make your customer's experience more comfortable.  Protecting your customers from elements can help set you apart from your competition.

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    Social Distancing

    While social distancing measures are in effect, it is important to provide usable outside space for your customers.

Current and Completed Projects

San Diego Symphony

PTFE consulting for membrane installations

Miami Beach Bandshell

New Construction

Darien Lake PAC

Ongoing; Cleaning, tensioning, and infill panel installation and removal

Yale University, New Haven CT

New Construction

Skyland Park, Atlanta GA

New Construction Installation of 3 Solar Fabric Structures

Montage Mountain PAC

New Construction Installation of 3 Solar Fabric Structures

Whiteland, Indiana

New Construction

Tallahassee, Florida

Installation of solar walkway covers

Denver RTD

Installation services and extensive field membrane repair

Sprint Pavilion Charlottesville, VA

Reworking of installation performed by others, ongoing tensioning and maintenance

Former Summerwinds PAC New Haven, CT

Annual installation and take down 5yrs

Hudson Valley Shakespeare Festival

New Construction and 4 years seasonal deployment

From Bar Napkin To Built!


What ideas can come from a simple napkin?  Well, physicist Paul C. Lauterbur scribbled the initial sketches for the world’s first MRI machine on a napkin between bites of a hamburger at a Pittsburgh diner. He won the Nobel prize for this innovation in 2003.  You don't need to be an inventor or a scientist to come up with great ideas by jotting things down in fact the simple act of writing it down solidifies that idea into reality and you are more likely to see the idea through to the end.

As every business is unique, we will curtail your structures in order to best fit your needs and we will make the best of our time during a consultation by asking the right questions and listening to your thoughts and ideas.  Your new structure will provide a quality experience to your customers while creating a visual attraction for new business.

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